Popcorn, Capri Suns and Elf on the Shelf movie {yes, in January}.
Equals... a great play date.



{Another} Obsession.
Besides dance, Lucy has many more obsessions.
One includes loads and loads of Lip Gloss.
She has a bigger collection than me.
She's such a girly girl.



My first child.
She is the perfect first child.
She is always so helpful.
She is so loving.
She is {usually} so happy.
She loves babies.
I just know when baby #3 comes, she will be the best little helper.
She's so excited.
Love. Her.



Quality Time.
Kate goes to school 4 days a week.
Which means it's just Lucy and I in the mornings.
She likes it. {i do too}
When we drop Kate off, Lucy always says to me, "What we doin today, mama?"
I love the one on one time i get with her and i've been soaking it all up before baby #3 arrives in 3.5 weeks.
We painted her nails today, she chose the colors.
Love her.



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
I spent the day inside with my sewing machine.
My girls may have been slightly neglected, besides during lunch and dinner time.
{Although they did pretty well playing with each other all day}
I did, however, finish making a blessing outfit for my little guy...
{who will be here in approx. 4 weeks}
Pants, a bow tie and a reversible vest.
I am quite proud of myself.

If you are interested, here are the tutorials i used, {with a few minor tweaks}.
Reversible Vest.
Bow Tie.

And here is the {almost} finished project.
-- {i have to add button holes and buttons.}



Ok, all i can think about is Max Brenner. {can you tell?}
And all the goodness that i got to partake of the other night.
If you haven't been, you should go.
The food and dessert are nothing short of fantastic.
We {7 of us} all got different desserts, and i got to taste them all.
Again, so delicious. Go taste for yourself.



More about chocolate.
This chocolate shake was delicious. {i LOVE a good shake}
Topped with a scoop a vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.
This Alice inspired cup {with a metal straw} was also the perfect touch.
Yum. i may go back {really} soon for another.



7 of us celebrated the {soon} arrival of a sweet baby girl.
No place was more perfect than this.
Where all things chocolate are in abundance.
We enjoyed ourselves... a lot!



Photo Session.
While organizing my photo library,
i came across a favorite photo from a recent session.
Love the sun-flare.
Love the people.
Love the desert.



I just love these girls.
The end.
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